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How You Can Write on Anything With Ease and Blog Like an Expert by Kwabena Amponsah-Manager

I started article writing a few months ago and I have already written over 200 articles each of at least 350 words. I work full time with a family. In this article, I am going to show you how I do it and how you can also do it.
The key to do article writing effortless is simple; just write. Before you get angry at me, give me a few minutes to tell you how I do it. You may be as busy as I am or perhaps busier. I work full time as a chemist and I have two boys who are constantly squeezing in for the little attention they well deserve. I go to the gym, spend time facebooking and go atwitter frequently. Despite all these commitments, I write at least two articles per day. This should perhaps make you say ‘oh, then I can also do it’. If you said so, then you’re the person I wanted to write this for. The truth is yes, you can also do it.
So how do I do it? The play is uncomplicated; I just write what I hear from the radio and see on the television. However, unlike everybody else who may be writing it as news which will have a short expiration time, I write it to make it timeless. Are we talking about one week of snow? I can write ‘How to prepare for the unexpected inclement weather’. Is it the uprising in the Arab world? I can choose to write on ‘how to prepare for change’; ‘how dictatorship will eventually fail’; and women rights, considering almost all the images shown from Cairo are men, even though women make up a significant proportion of the protesters.
As an example, I wrote three articles while watching MSNBS news coverage of the Egyptian protest- one for my blog and two for other websites. Everything that I wrote was tailored to make it enduring so that the content is application to the lives of the people and society after the event passes, because the event ‘shall come to pass’
A big benefit I get from this style of writing is that my articles do have personality. They all show how I feel about what is happening rather than repeating the clichés that are on the 24-hour cable loop. My readers are not mal-fed because they are not provided with recycled material. I do not spend more than 30 minutes staring the feared-white screen. I get traffic because what I write pertains to current event or trend and I have the added advantage for the fact that the content, as stated earlier, is everlasting.
Whether you’re starting your own blog or a seasoned blogger, you adopt my style, it’s your choice, but I promise it will increase your turn over, build traffic and help you spend less time discerning what to write on.How You Can Write on Anything With Ease and Blog Like an Expert
 by: Kwabena Amponsah-Manager

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